Kingston bringing films to a flash drive near you

Flash memory maker Kingston Digital has announced a deal with Paramount to sell full-length films on its USB memory sticks and SD cards.

Kingston bringing films to a flash drive near you

According to the companies, the movies on Kingston memory will be available to consumers both as part of a value-added bundled package and for sale independently as an alternative to DVD or Blu-ray.

“This unique agreement enables us to make available our entertainment offerings on USB and SD cards,” says Alex Carloss, general manager of Paramount Digital Entertainment. “As more and more movies are viewed on computers and other portable devices, having a relationship like this will become increasingly important.”

The companies declined to give any indication of where, when or how the films would be on sale, or how digital rights management would impact playback.

Digital media cards are seen as an excellent format for putting content on to devices with no optical drives, such as netbooks, especially as capacity increases and price per GB drops.

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