How to Send Confirmation Emails from Google Forms

If you’re already using Google Forms, you know how useful this app can be. You can use it to make surveys or quizzes and collect meaningful data. For that reason, it’s very popular among students who collect information for educational purposes.

Many companies started using Google Forms to create event registration sheets, or even job application forms. This app saves time and allows you to collect data in a quick and efficient way. If you want to know how to send confirmation e-mails from Google Forms, keep reading as we will explain the process step by step.

What Is Auto-Confirmation Email?

You’re now able to set auto-reply, so everyone who fills out your form gets an e-mail after submitting it. People usually use this method for sending welcome notes or thank you notes to those who have submitted the form. It’s a really nice thing to do because it displays a personal touch. Accordingly, people who’ve filled out your form will feel appreciated.

How to Send Confirmation Emails From Google Form

When it comes to event registration, it’s even more important to send a confirmation e-mail. That way, people will be sure to have completed their registration form correctly. In addition, it can also serve as a reminder for an upcoming event.

How to Enable Sending Confirmation Emails?

It’s very easy to set auto-reply and allow Google Forms to send confirmation e-mails. The process we’re about to walk you through takes only a couple of minutes. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. If you want to use a Google Form that you already have, make sure that it has a field where people can write their e-mail addresses. This field should be mandatory because the app can’t send replies if you don’t have their e-mail addresses. If you want to create a new Google Form, don’t forget to include this field.
  2. Install Google Forms Add-on, the feature that enables Google Forms to send e-mail replies to everyone who submits your form.
  3. Enter your Google Forms app and go to Add-ons Menu.
  4. Go to the section Email Notification for Forms.
  5. Click on Manage Form Setting then Add New Rule.
  6. Write your name as well as the name that you would like to appear in confirmation e-mails. (If you don’t want to use your full name, that’s fine.)
  7. Check the field Notify Form Submitter and select the field that you’re going to use to collect respondents’ e-mails.
  8. When you do this, you’ll be able to customize the e-mail as well as the subject of the confirmation e-mail.

And that’s it! – the technical part. Now you can now focus on the message that you want to send. Be creative and make your e-mail stand out. Remember that people like seeing genuine things, especially today when they’re bombarded with generic e-mails.

Send Confirmation Emails From Google Forms

The Other Functions of Google Forms Add-On

If you’re wondering if there are any other functions of this Google Add-on, here are some of them that can be very important:

  1. You can enable Add-on to send push notifications to your phone every time someone submits the form. You can also get their answers in a form of notification, so you won’t miss anything even if you’re too busy to enter Google Forms often.
  2. You can use Add-on to customize your confirmation e-mail. Confirmation e-mail can be sent as plain text, or in HTML. You can decide what’s more suitable in your specific situation.
  3. It’s possible to send different confirmation e-mails to different people, based on their replies. You have to go to Advanced notification rules and enable this feature.

Wrap Up

It’s also possible to set auto-confirmation e-mails quickly and easily and you can get many benefits from this feature. It enables you to provide people with feedback and allows you to make a genuine connection with them. Most people love to receive some kind of reply. Therefore, it’s a mutually beneficial situation.

Do you use Google Forms often? Do you find them useful? Do you usually use them for education, work, or to organize events with your friends? Let us know in the comments sections below.

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