How to Do Cameos in Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the best apps for communication because it’s very innovative and different from all the other apps. Snapchat is constantly improving, with many new features being added all the time. One of the most anticipated is the new Cameo feature.

How to Do Cameos in Snapchat

If you’d like to know how to do cameos in Snapchat, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to get some great tips and tricks and learn how to do cameos together with your friends.

That’s right, two-person cameos are also a thing!

What Are Snapchat Cameos?

Is Snapchat allowing its users to star in movies? Well, not exactly. The cameo feature is there to convey a quick video reaction to your Snapchat friends. There are over a hundred simple animated clips to which you can attach your face.

Essentially, a Snapchat cameo is like a selfie you insert into a funny and short animated clip. When you make a Snapchat cameo clip, you can share it with your Snapchat friends via chat. You can also co-star in a Snapchat cameo with your friend, as long as they approve.

Snapchat will remember your selfie (face) and allow you to use it with multiple cameos without the need to keep taking new selfies. Of course, if you want to change the selfie and make a new one, you’re free to do that whenever you please.

Snapchat isn’t the first app that allowed people to do this sort of thing. Some Chinese apps like Zao did something similar. Nonetheless, this is a really fun and goofy feature, and it suits Snapchat very well indeed.

How to Do Cameos

How to Do Snapchat Cameos?

There are two ways to make Snapchat cameos: using your profile page or accessing the option in chat directly. If you prefer to go straight to chat, skip to “Step 5” below, but the profile option is suggested for convenience.

Make or Change Your Snapchat Cameo from Your Profile Page on iOS/Android

  1. Open “Snapchat,” then access your profile page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select “Create Cameos Selfie” or choose “Change Cameos Selfie” if one already exists.
  3. An outlined face appears. Move your camera until your face fits within the outline. Tap on “Create My Cameo” when the button turns blue.
  4. Choose the “male” or “female” image, then tap on the “Continue” button that turns blue. Your cameo gets created and saved.
  5. Access “Chat” and select the “friend(s)” that you want to receive your cameo.
  6. Tap on “” (smiley face icon) next to the chat box.
  7. On the bottom, choose “” (use cameo icon) for Android or “” for iOS if a cameo already exists and you want to use it. Otherwise, skip to “Step 9” to create a new cameo.
  8. When you choose the “use cameo” icon, select the cameo you want from the bottom of the screen, and it will automatically send the clip to your friend with your face in it. You’re done.
  9. If you want to create a new cameo or don’t have one yet, tap the “” (add cameo icon). If you don’t see it, try reverting to “Steps 1-4” using your profile page.
  10. Reaccess chat, following “Steps 5-8.” Your cameo clip now gets sent to the recipient. You’re done.

Now that you’ve created your cameo outline, you can keep sending various cameos from the chat window while talking to your friends on Snapchat. You can also create quick cameos from the “Recent” tab since the app will remember your cameo pattern.

You can change this pattern whenever you please by visiting the “Cameo” menu once again and choosing a different Cameo tile. After that, tap the “More” button and choose “New Selfie.” You can also preview your selfie first.

How to Do Two-Person Snapchat Cameos?

Everything on Snapchat is more enjoyable when you do it with friends. Cameos can also be a joint effort. When you first make a cameo, you can enable two-person cameos. Tap on that and enable making them with friends.

This way, you’ll be able to enjoy making a double-feature cameo and have a lot of fun with your besties. For now, only two people can participate in Snapchat cameos, but perhaps that number will grow in the future.

Also, ensure to allow your friends to use your cameo selfie. Otherwise, cameos with friends won’t work.

  1. Open “Snapchat” and go to your “profile.”
  2. Select “Settings” and choose “Use my Cameos Selfie.”
  3. Choose “Everyone” or “My Friends.” If you choose “Only Me,” you won’t be able to take two-person cameos on Snapchat.

Have Fun with Your Friends

Snapchat is a fun platform that keeps on improving. Camoes is a great feature that has got many people interested in Snapchat again. The best way to test cameos is to do as many of them as possible with your friends.

You’ll surely share a laugh and some fun times. Recently, Snapchat said that they’ll be introducing new cameos in the future, so keep your eyes out for the updates. Which cameo on Snapchat is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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