World Cup football kits are now available in Bitmoji

Update: World Cup-themed Bitmoji are now available!

World Cup football kits are now available in Bitmoji

The world has gone mad for the World Cup and now, seemingly, so can our Bitmoji avatars. Adidas and Nike have teamed up with Bitmoji to give fans the opportunity to wear their favourite team’s football kit and share their support across Snapchat.

Adidas Bitmoji football kits include: Spain, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Japan and Egypt.

Nike Bitmoji football kits include: France, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Australia and South Korea.

When you update your Bitmoji in the Bitmoji app, you will see your avatar wearing the kit everywhere you use Bitmoji, including Snapchat and stickers.

Continue reading below to read about Bitmoji Deluxe.

I’m not even slightly ashamed to admit that most of my Christmas was spent trying to recreate my face in the Bitmoji app, while struggling to find an animated hairstyle which perfectly matched mine.

Thankfully, my Bitmoji struggles are no more as the old Bitmoji makes way for Bitmoji Deluxe, an update that adds hundreds of new styles, facial features, skin colours and accessories such as glasses and headwear. 

The app has been completely redesigned, too, and now has an all-new creation flow which allows you to take a selfie right from the app and lets you reference it whilst you’re working on recreating your beautiful mug. 


“The most common request from our community was for new hairstyles. The team spent lots of time working to get our hair options right, including working with hair stylists,” Bitmoji said. “New hairstyles and colouring options can now be personalised with highlights and even ombre hair colours.”

Whilst previously you had to scroll through the different attributes or use the drop-down to find what you were looking for, you are now able to select specific physical attributes and accessories right from the navigation panel at the bottom of the screen.

The team has also managed to make the app more inclusive. While previously you weren’t able to completely customise your avatar with attributes from features not on the selected gender, the Bitmoji Deluxe update now gives you the ability to put makeup or jewellery on male avatars, for example. 

“We love Bitmojis because they have an emotional, highly personal appeal, bringing more of ‘you’ – your likeness, body language and context around how you’re feeling – into your conversations that happen online,” Bitmoji writes. 

If you’re not a fan of the new design, you can still switch back to Bitstrips or Bitmoji Classic by navigating to Settings and tapping on the design you prefer. All the same functions, like sharing Bitmojis through iMessage and Snapchat are still there.

Some other apps, including Bobble Keyboard which turns your face into a sticker automatically, have tried to replicate Bitmoji’s success. But these have never quite hit the same level of overwhelming mass joy that Bitmoji has brought thus far, potentially due to its level of customisability. That, combined with Snapchat’s acquiring Bitmoji in 2016, likely contributing to Bitmoji becoming the most downloaded app on iOS in 2017. 

The Bitmoji Deluxe update is available on iOS and Android right now. 

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