Tears of the Kingdom Quests List

There is plenty of action happening in the land of Hyrule in “Tears of the Kingdom” as Link explores the world. The tasks or missions he must complete to finish the main story and obtain additional rewards are called “quests.” There are four variations of quests in this game: Main Quests, Side Quests, Side Adventures, and Shrine Quests.

Tears of the Kingdom Quests List

If you’re one of those players who want to complete all available quests in the game, this list of quests and their locations can be helpful to you. Read on to see all “Tears of the Kingdom” quests, their location, and which NPC holds them.

Main Quests

If you’re just starting to play “Tears of the Kingdom” or wondering why you can’t do certain side quests or adventures, the reason hides in the main quests. It would be best first to complete all the main quests and finish the main story to unlock all side quests.

Here is the list of all the main quests and where you can find them, alongside the quests holder’s names.

  • Prologue
  • Find Princess Zelda (Talk to Steward Construct)
  • The Closed Door (Rauru gives this quest)
  • To the Kingdom of Hyrule (Steward Construct)

These four quests are the first ones you have to complete after you begin the game. The Prologue is done in Hyrule Castle, while the remaining three quests you do at Great Sky Island. These quests are part of the tutorial, where you’re introduced to the game, Link, and his abilities.

After you complete these quests, you can leave the beginning area of Great Sky Island and explore the regions of Hyrule, including The Depths. The following four quests are located in Lookout Landing.

  • Crisis at Hyrule Castle
  • Regional Phenomena
  • Camera Work in The Depths
  • A Mystery in The Depths

The first two quests in this part of the story are given to you by Purah, who sends you to explore the overworld, while to complete the other two, you have to go to The Depths by orders of Josha.

Furthermore, as a part of the Regional Phenomena, you have to explore the four regions of Hyrule: Hebra, Eldin, Gerudo, and Lanaryu. For each area, excluding Lanaryu, you have one main quest and several sub-quests. The main quests in these regions are:

  • Tulin of Rito Village (Hebra region, talk to Tulin)
  • Yunobo of Goron City (Eldin region, talk to Yunobo)
  • Riju of Gerudo Town (Gerudo region, talk to Riju)

In the Lanaryu region, you have five main quests.

  • The Sludge-Covered Statue
  • Restoring the Zora Armor
  • Sidion of the Zora
  • The Broken Slate
  • Clues to the Sky

From the five Lanrayu quests listed above, the first three are in Zora’s Domain, while the remaining two are near Toto Lake. Furthermore, after you find all four sages in these regions, you have to go back to the Lookout Landing and start another series of quests. Note that you have to complete the four shrines before this.

The following questlines are related to finding the fifth sage and defeating the final boss, Ganondorf.

  • Find the Fifth Sage – You have to talk to Purah again for this quest.
  • Secret of the Ring Ruins – Paya gives you this mission at the Ring Ruins.
  • Guidance from Ages Past – This one starts after you finish the previous quest at Ring Ruins and travel to Dragonhead Island.
  • Destroy Ganondorf – Go back to Purah in Lookout Landing for this final quest in the storyline.

Before you can defeat Ganondorf and after finishing the “Secret of the Ring Ruins” quest, you receive additional main quests related to obtaining the “Master Sword” weapon. These quests are:

  • Trial of the Master Sword – Visit Mineru at the Spirit Temple.
  • Recovering the Hero’s Sword – Go to Koroku Forest and find the Great Deku Tree.
  • Impa and the Geoglyphs
  • The Dragon’s Tears

The last two quests in the list above are in New Serene Stable, where you must talk with Cado and Impa. Without the Geoglyphs quests, you can’t acquire the “Master Sword.”

Shrine Quests

Shrine Quests are important for obtaining more hearts and stamina. You can do this by opening a Shrine of Light for a Light of Blessing. One Light of Blessing gives you one heart. Here are all the Shrine Quests you can complete. Note that the Shrines are scattered across Hyrule, and in some cases, an NPC won’t give you the quest, but you have to interact with the Shrine.

  • The Satori Mountain Crystal      
  • The White Bird’s Guidance     
  • The Gisa Crater Crystal  
  • The North Hebra Mountains Crystal     
  • The Northwest Hebra Cave Crystal 
  • A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples  
  • None Shall Pass?     
  • Maca’s Special Place
  • The Death Caldera Crystal
  • The Lake Intenoch Cave Crystal
  • Rocks for Sale
  • Dyeing to Find It
  • The High Spring and the Light Rings
  • The Lanayru Road Crystal
  • The Ralis Channel Crystal
  • Keys Born of Water
  • The Oakle’s Navel Cave Crystal
  • Ride the Giant Horse
  • The Lake Hylia Crystal
  • Legend of the Soaring Spear
  • The Gerudo Canyon Crystal
  • The North Hyrule Sky Crystal
  • The South Hyrule Sky Crystal
  • The Tabantha Sky Crystal
  • The East Hebra Sky Crystal
  • The Sky Mine Crystal
  • The Sokkala Sky Crystal
  • The South Lanayru Sky Crystal
  • The North Necluda Sky Crystal
  • The West Necluda Sky Crystal
  • The Necluda Sky Crystal

Side Quests and Side Adventures

Since there are 139 Side Quests in the game and 60 Side Adventures, instead of listing them all by name, here is the number of how many of them you can find in specific regions.

  • Central Hyrule – 16 Side Quests and 9 Side Adventures
  • Hyrule Ridge – 4 Side Quests and 3 Side Adventures
  • Hebra Mountains and Tabantha Frontier – 19 Side Quests and 5 Side Adventures
  • Akkala Highlands and Elding Canyon – 34 Side Quests and 13 Side Adventures
  • East and West Necluda – 22 Side Quests and 17 Side Adventures
  • Faron Side – 4 Side Quests and 3 Side Adventures
  • Gerudo Highlands and Gerudo Desert – 20 Side Quests and 3 Side Adventures in Gerudo Highlands only
  • Great Hyrule Forest – 5 Side Quests and 5 Side Adventures
  • Lanayru Great Spring – 13 Side Quests
  • Misc – 2 Side Quests
  • Hyrule Sky Side – 1 Side Adventure
  • The Depths – 1 Side Adventure

Side Quest completions yield various rewards such as collectibles, items, armor, weapons, etc. On the other hand, rewards for completing Side Adventures are usually Rupees, ingredients, materials containers, extracts, potions, and such.

Some of the best Side Quests and Adventures are:

  • The Hunt for Bubble Gems – This is a Side Adventure that you can start at Woodland Stable and near Pico Pond.
  • A Call From The Depths – The starting location for this Side Adventure is Great Plateau.
  • The Mother Goddess Statue – This Side Quest begins in Tabantha Frontier at the Forgotten Temple.
  • Potential Princess Sightings – This Side Adventure can be found at Hebra Region.
  • Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity – This quest is a part of Misc chain quests. You can find it at Cephla Lake Cave.
  • Serenade To A Great Fairy – This Side Adventure starts at Woodland Stable.
  • Who Goes There? – You can find this Side Quest in Lookout Landing.
  • Hestu’s Concerns – Side Adventure Hestu’s Concerns begins at Hyrule Ridge.
  • Hateno Village Research Lab – Find this Side Adventure at Lookout Landing.
  • Mattison’s Independence – This adventure you can start in Tarrey Town.

The Possibilities Are Immense While Exploring Hyrule

You can do many quests and missions in “Tears of the Kingdom,” lending itself to hours of entertainment. Main quests should be done first, as some unlock additional side quests and adventures. After completing the main storyline, you’re free to go back to old locations and finish side quests or try to find new ones.

Did you attempt to complete all “Tears of the Kingdom” quests? Which Side Quest is worth doing? Let us know in the comment section below.

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