The Best Midjourney AI Art

AI Art Generator programs have grabbed the attention of the world. One example is Midjourney. Unlike other generator programs, Midjourney can create art with a unique, abstract, or surreal look that artists are looking for. There are countless ways to create and play with photos by using Midjourney. Creating different and fun prompts has become an art form, and it has limitless potential. If you are new to this “creative AI,” and you’re not sure which prompts to use, just check out what other people are making, and that can be a good start.

The Best Midjourney AI Art

If you’re an AI enthusiast with a creative side, Midjourney might just be the right choice for you. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the program.

Best Midjourney Prompts for Character Design

There are a lot of different aspects to consider when creating characters in Midjourney. From Niji mode and environment to the character’s backstory, their goals, dilemmas, and relationships.

The Niji Mode

Niji is the Japanese word for rainbow. On Midjourney, its an experimental algorithm designed to make animated characters, or anime and manga-like pictures. The Niji model works best for objects that are used in the world of manga and anime. It also gives the image anime-like color characteristics. This model is useful when doing a remix of the image. Niji’s use in that situation is to make the facial features less realistic, making it look like an anime character that is cartoonish. Big eyes and a small, pointy nose are the main features.

The Environment

To make the picture of your character more believable and realistic, the environment is the aspect that needs to be utilized. Putting your character in an unfamiliar environment can shift their trajectory and help see them in a completely different light.

Characters Backstory

When you’re creating a character, their backstory is of paramount importance. Putting the character into a challenging situation will reflect their past life and show the public how they became that person. For example, if your character prompt is “girl next door,” exciting, dangerous adventures will show a new side to her. It’s like writing a story. When an author is creating characters, their backstories, goals, as well as previous and current relationships, are the core of that character. They help create a more complete picture of a person.

Character’s Goals, Dilemmas, and Relationships

The three factors mentioned here are important for character development. Their goals will tell you a bit about their future endeavors. Dilemmas can shake their emotional state, while relationships show a character’s behavior around other people.

Best Midjourney Prompts for Logos

One of the things Midjourney is good for is creating logos for companies, websites, or any other businesses. When you decide on the style of your logo, you can choose the style prompts. The best prompts are “lettermark,” “mascot,” and “emblem.”


Lettermark logos, also known as Monograms, are basic logos where the company only includes an acronym or abbreviation (AMC, NASA). This is a great way to simplify your logo if the name is long. Imagine having to put The National Aeronautics and Space Administration in your logo. One letter can also be used for a logo (Facebook, Pinterest). With Midjourney, you can use different typography such as calligraphic, slab, blackletter, etc.


The name alone reveals what this type of logo is all about. A mascot is a person who represents your company, and Midjourney is great for making 2D characters in various shapes and forms.


Emblems have often been used by universities, schools, countries, and sports teams. Midjourney can give them a fresh appearance. This AI Art program gives a vintage look to a modern logo. Game types logos have become increasingly popular, especially for content creators on YouTube or Twitter.

Best Midjourney Prompts for Portraits

There are a great number of prompts that can be used to create a perfect portrait. Lightning and shadow are important aspects of creating AI-generated portraits. The portrait itself can be a person, a family, a group of friends, pets, or a mixture of people and objects.

Here are some of the best prompts for portraits:

  • Headshot
  • Sideview
  • Posed
  • Candid
  • Eye contact
  • Gender identity
  • Cultural identity
  • Photorealistic
  • Close up

In addition to the above-mentioned styles, Midjourney can create images from different time and artistic periods such as Gothic, Baroque, Impressionism, Realism, and Landscape.

Best Midjourney Prompts for Gothic Art

The Gothic period flourished in 12th century France. However, Gothic is a popular subculture in music, fashion, and other fields today. Midjourney features this artistic style. Here are some of the best prompts you can use to create gothic images:

  • Ornate gothic
  • Oil painting
  • Dark
  • Detailed
  • Shadowy
  • Dark fantasy

Midjourney is modernizing other periods as well – Baroque, Impressionism, and Realism.

The Possibilities Midjourney Offers

Even if you aren’t a professional photographer or expert in Artificial intelligence technology, you can reach the skies with this AI Art Generator. With Midjourney, your images can express emotions realistically, travel through time, and experience different periods. The program can create an image with color techniques and filters often used these days.


Cutting edge is the most important feature of Midjourney. It gives the images depth and inspires people to search for the deepest individual emotions. Midjourney can create a dog image, for example, with different emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, and so on.

Traveling Through Time

Midjourney allows its users to experience different historical periods while traveling back and forth through time. You can see how you would look in the 1600s, 1700s, and 2060 – a futuristic glimpse into the future.

Art Medium

Another great feature of this AI Art Generator program is how fast it can show you the art medium. The same painting will look different if drawn with chalk than it would be painted with watercolors. Midjourney can transform a watercolor image through paper quilling, charcoal, and even blacklight painting.

Color Pallete

Each color has a different meaning. Yellow is the color of youth and joy, while orange is energetic, and green is the color of nature. Midjourney can completely transform an image with a different color palette.

Midjourney Makes Everyone an Artist

The AI Art Generator program Midjourney is one of the most popular currently available. None of its features are hard to use, and anyone can make something beautiful when using it. Whether you’re a novice or familiar with AI art programs, try Midjourney and transform your artistic work. Midjourney makes the life of an artist much easier for countless reasons, and expressing yourself is one of them. If you still haven’t tried Midjourney, now is the time to do so. With limitless possibilities in creating prompts, truly beautiful creations are made. Some of the best prompts out there are surrealism, paper art, layered paper, isometric art, naïve art, matrix raining code, futuristic prompts, cyberpunk style, blacklight, drawing style, etc.

Do you use Midjourney for your artwork? What do you like most about it? Have you tried any of the prompts mentioned here? Tell us in the comments section below.

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