How to View All Zelle Transactions

Zelle is a platform that offers an innovative way of making payments – all two individuals need in order to send/receive money immediately are Zelle accounts. The transfer occurs almost instantaneously, which is the service’s main selling point.

How to View All Zelle Transactions

As is the case with every platform that deals with money transactions, you’re best off knowing how it all works and what you need to do in order to make sure that your money is as safe as possible. So, here are some Zelle basics.

Where Are My Transactions?

With Zelle, you can view your transactions at any time. This is why, before proceeding to contact the support over, for instance, a suspicious activity, you should always log in to your account and check the transactions first. In this way, not only can you be certain that you didn’t simply forget about a transaction, but you can also avoid having to deal back-and-forth with Zelle’s tech support, as they’ll ask you for a transactions screenshot.

In order to view your transaction history, open your bank/online banking app and go to Send Money with Zelle®. Then, navigate to Activity, and under the view option, select Past. This will give you a list of all transactions involved with your account. Clearly, having a clear testimonial of your transactions is vital.


Where Can I Find Zelle?

As mentioned earlier, the main point of Zelle is allowing you to send/receive almost instantaneous payments using a simple, progressive app. The only condition here is that both you and the person you’re transacting with are on Zelle.

You can be on Zelle by either using a bank that offers Zelle or using it as a stand-alone service. North of 100 financial institutions world-wide actually support Zelle – so your bank most likely does, too. Use your bank’s dedicated app to sign up with Zelle and then simply link Zelle to your debit card or bank account. On the other hand, if your bank doesn’t offer Zelle, you can always use the stand-alone app and link it to your debit card directly.

Just How Quick Is It?

Okay, so Zelle is fairly quick. But just how fast is it? As its two main traits, efficacy and efficiency, are the pillars of Zelle, payments are, in most cases, completely instantaneous. Alternatively, they take a few minutes – but this is very rare. Generally, it’s a great thing, but the speed at which payments are transacted is all the more reason to pay attention to on-spot verification. Triple-check all the information and the amount of money involved before tapping Send.

Make sure that you verify the recipient’s email address and phone number – and not just for legitimacy. Zelle uses the users’ email addresses and phone numbers to identify them, and if the provided email and/or phone number aren’t used on their Zelle account, problems could arise that you’ll definitely want to avoid.

zelle transactions

How Much Do I Have to Pay?

If your bank supports Zelle and you want to access it through the bank, rather than using a stand-alone app, it’s the bank in question that sets the fees. That said, with most banks, the app is mostly free – enrollment, sending/receiving requests, and sending/receiving funds. Of course, check the fees before deciding to use Zelle through a particular financial institution.

Alternatively, if you opt for using Zelle as a stand-alone app, there are no enrollment or sending/receiving money/requests fees involved.

How Much Can I Send?

The amount of money you can send depends on the bank/bank account/card that you’re using. As the case with fees, banks set the maximum send limits. If you’re using the stand-alone app, refer to your debit card’s issuer regarding the limits.

What If I Send the Wrong Amount or to the Wrong Person?

According to Zelle, “The payment is irrevocable. Once that payment’s gone, you can’t get it back.” Yes, this means that there’s no guaranteed way to get your money back once you’ve sent it. The only way you could try to get your money back is to contact the actual recipient and hope for the best.

Some people disagree with this Zelle’s policy but, for the time being, it’s going to stay this way. Zelle is a P2P service and, as with most P2P payment services, there’s no assurance that you can retrieve money that you’ve accidentally sent.

Am I Protected Against Fraud, Theft, Loss, and Other Threats?

First of all, and before anything else, like any other financial institution, Zelle doesn’t offer any protection program when it comes to making transactions with people that you don’t know. This means that using Zelle is recommended only with people who you’ve already done transactions with outside the platform and with people you actually know personally.

That said, in case someone unauthorized uses Zelle or your bank account gets hacked, you should be reimbursed by the bank/debit card issuer. This may take up to 10 days, while the investigation is conducted, so keep in mind that you likely won’t have any access to the sent amount of money during that period. Another thing: the law may not protect you against defective purchases or scams. Therefore, look into it thoroughly before sending the money.

Zelle Transactions

As you can see, for the most part, Zelle operates like and offers what most financial institutions do. However, it provides you with the ability to make instantaneous payments, which not all banks do or guarantee. Although Zelle should be used with care, it’s a brilliant service that brings something new to the table.

Do you use Zelle? Does your bank support it? Feel free to ask any questions or share any tips regarding Zelle in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “How to View All Zelle Transactions”

Avatar Al says:
This article isn’t accurate. You are unable to see ALL history transaction on the app or website. Only shows you 4 months back.
Avatar Adriana Sanchez-Gomez says:
i’m with Capital One- I do not see a menu AFTER you select SEND MONEY – Only option is to select $ recipients. no other option is provided.
i’ve tried selecting the recipient to see if it would provide for a menu to see past activity– No options available either
Avatar Kat says:
How can I view Zelle transactions if I no longer do business with the bank I was using?

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