Is Yeezy Supply Legit?

Is Yeezy Supply legit or not? Now, that is an excellent question. Yeezy Supply was the topic of many heated discussions, especially in 2018 and 2019. According to many dissatisfied customers, review sites, and even news reports, Yeezy Supply is not legit.

Is Yeezy Supply Legit?

This online store has got so many complaints that the BBB (Better Business Bureau) had to investigate it and interfere. If you came here for a quick answer, do not buy at Yeezy Supply. That has nothing to do with their products. They are fantastic, like the rest of the Adidas line.

Their webshop is too bad, though you might want to read on for more details and the best alternatives.

Background Information

Everyone knows about Kanye West and his eccentric personality. He is famous for it, in addition to his music and marriage to Kim Kardashian. Some time ago, Kanye centered his attention on fashion design. At first, he cooperated with Nike on a shoe line, but he made the switch to Adidas in the year 2013.

The first Yeezys dropped in 2015. The shoe line soon exploded, and each of the following releases became increasingly popular. The main place to get your Yeezys was supposed to be Yeezy Supply, except many people run into issues when they tried to order shoes.

The site has accumulated a lot of negative reviews, and most customers deemed it very bad. It was due to almost non-existing customer support, and the fact that their deliveries were late, or never reached the buyer.

Imagine paying for a product and not receiving it at all? That sounds like a straight-up scam. Yes, Yeezy’s production is limited and exclusive, but Yeezy Supply shouldn’t have lied to their customers. That never turns out well for a company.


When Things Got Heated

We can’t backtrack the information regarding Yeezy Supply too far in the past. However, in 2018 and 2019, things got out of hand. The online store received hundreds of complaints from unsatisfied customers.

The situation was so bad that it even reached the news. NBC reported about the fiasco in late 2018. Feel free to look it up on their site. Since so many people were complaining, something had to be done. The Better Business Bureau has taken the issue into their own hands and met with the Yeezy Supply management.

Despite their efforts, people still had the same complaints as the web store. People were paying hundreds of dollars, and they got nothing in return. Mind you, Yeezys aren’t exactly cheap. They go for around $75 for the most affordable models and up to more than $2,000 for the most expensive ones.

The whole situation with Yeezy Supply is more than scandalous, and it reflects poorly on Kanye’s already shaky public image. Of course, he’s not running the online store himself, but he should probably let go of the people managing it and find someone more competent.

Alternatives to Yeezy Supply

There are way too many online stores that sell sneakers these days. Some of them are very good, some not so much, but most of them are better than Yeezy Supply. If you still want to get a pair of Yeezys for yourself, or as a gift, consider using some of these shops instead:

  1. StockX – Click on the link, and you’ll see all the Yeezys currently available on StockX, one of the best online sneaker markets. You can choose to bid on the model that you like, or you can straight up buy it by meeting the seller’s asking price. StockX has reliable service and shipping.
  2. GOAT – Again, click the link and browse the Yeezy selection on GOAT, one of the best sneaker websites. They have competitive prices, excellent customer support, and shipping policies. They even have discounts from time to time, so take advantage of that.
  3. Stadium Goods – Is also a good alternative. You’ll find a variety of Yeezy models here, with reasonable prices and shipping times. Click on a model, pick your size, enter your payment details, and wait for the delivery.
  4. Fight Club – Last but not least, this online market is also not bad for getting a new pair of Adidas Yeezy shoes. Click on the model you like, add it to your cart, and proceed to the checkout. The site also tells you the approximate delivery time.

When shopping for Yeezy shoes anywhere, keep in mind that the supplies are limited and that you’ll often have to wait for a restock. That’s why we gave you several options. All of the above sites are legitimate and secure.

Yeezy Supply

Stay Away from Yeezy Supply

Sadly, you can’t trust the official Yeezy Supply site. Hopefully, the online shop will improve over time, but for now, better use some of the alternatives mentioned in this article.

Which Yeezy models do you like the most? Do you want them for their looks and comfort or the fact that Kanye has designed them? We’re looking forward to hearing from you, comment away right below the article.

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