How to Get Max Aura in Blox Fruits

Every seasoned Blox Fruits player knows that obtaining the Aura is essential for survival. It allows them to equip the Elemental Fruit during battle and offers full body protection once they max the Haki. However, obtaining this resource can be a challenge. Leveling up the Haki is an even more difficult task. So, how do you go about this?

How to Get Max Aura in Blox Fruits

Keep reading to discover how to get Max Aura in Blox Fruits.

How to Get Max Aura

Blox Fruit has various weapons and styles to help you in combat. But there’s also a unique Aura designed to enhance these resources. Getting the full body Haki appears seemingly easy for most players. It can, however, be complex because you can’t quickly tell your XP points during gameplay.

The only way to estimate your progress is to check the color of your character. It can, therefore, take you a while before you get the Max Aura. Thankfully, the steps below will guide you in obtaining the Haki and how to max it:

  1. Visit the Hidden Cave at the Frozen Village or the Magma Village close to the Quest Giver.
  2. Locate the Ability Teacher non-player character(NPC) and interact with him.
  3. Pay 25,000 Beli to obtain the Haki.
  4. Hit “J” on the keyboard to activate the Aura. Console players should use the D-pad down control button.
  5. Use it to fight and earn XP, which is the key to upgrading your Aura. Press the same hotkey to deactivate the ability.

Blox Fruits Haki Levels

There are various stages to go through before getting to max your Aura. You’ll have to upgrade through six levels before you succeed. Once you get the Buso Haki, your character’s entire body will turn black. Below are all the levels you’ll have to upgrade and go through before obtaining the full body Haki:

  • Stage 0: Enhances damage on non-fruit attacks by 10%. You can’t deal an attack on Elemental users at this level. The Aura will turn half of your arms or legs to black at this stage.
  • Stage 1: Increases your power by 21%. It also excludes Fruit damage and uses 4,000 Experience Points (XP). Your character will obtain the Haki to cover their full arms or legs by turning them black.
  • Stage 2: Enhances your defense by reducing the attack of Elemental users by about 9%. It requires 12,000XP. The Aura covers your entire legs or arms and your character’s torso.
  • Stage 3: Increases your fortification by about 17%. It turns your full arms or legs, torso, and head black. You’ll use 24,000XP points to upgrade the Aura at this level.
  • Stage 4: Enhances defenses by reducing damage by up to 24%. Leveling up the Haki at this stage requires 48,000XP. The Aura will cover your character’s entire arms, head, torso, thighs, and knees and turn these parts black.
  • Stage 5: Players obtain Max Aura at this level by reducing damage by up to 30%. Getting to this stage will change your character’s entire body to black. Obtaining the Buso Haki will cost you 60,000XP points.

Understanding the Max Aura

The best way to max your Haki is to rake up your XP points. You can do this by dealing damage to your enemies. However, obtaining this Aura is challenging because no matter how much damage you unleash, your XP points will only increase based on the number of hits. You’ll require 60,000 XP points to get the Max Aura. Even though it may take long, it’s a worthwhile investment.

AFK Max Aura Grinding Methods

Away From Keyboard (AFK) grinding is a convenient way to increase your Aura without getting too invested in the playthrough. It allows you to communicate your absence to the team if you want to take a break. Most players opt to use this method because of the long duration it takes to obtain the full body Haki.

Using the Logia Fruit

This Elemental Fruit provides you with immunity against physical damage. It helps you max your Aura by utilizing the game’s auto-clicker. This is handy for farming low-level enemies that deal minor physical damage. You can use a fighting style that doesn’t involve a lunge attack to deliver multiple attacks on your adversary, and the auto-clicker will take care of the rest. Equipping a weak sword such as the Katana can be helpful when using this AFK grinding method. Remember, you gain one XP per hit.

Use the Refined Slingshot

This ranged weapon offers players an improved firing rate compared to the game’s standard slingshot. It allows you to deal damage to your enemies at long distances. The steps below will help you to run an AFK grind with the Refined Slingshot and max your Haki in Blox Fruits.

  1. Visit the Sky Islands.
  2. Locate an excellent tactical spot to help you aggro Shanda’s enemies.
  3. Once you aggro them, hit enemies with the Refined Slingshot while standing behind the fence.
  4. Turn the auto-clicker on to fire automatically, and new enemies will spawn continuously.

Interesting Facts on the Blox Fruits Max Aura

There are several unique features about the full body Haki. Here are some interesting facts about this Blox Fruits upgradeable buff:

  • As the game is inspired by the One Piece anime, the Max Aura is drawn from the Buso Haki (and is frequently referred to as such). This is a unique and mysterious buff used by the characters in the animation for protection.
  • You can change your appearance in a given Haki stage by requesting the Aura Editor NPC to assist you. The change doesn’t affect your abilities.
  • You’ll get the “Iron Man” title once you upgrade to level five while in the Second or Third Sea.
  • Activating the Haki can alter your sword colors from the standard black hue. This only applies to some of the Second and Third Sea blades.
  • You’ll receive a warning message if you attack an Elemental Fruit user without activating your Aura.


What’s the easiest way to max out your Aura in Blox Fruits?

This can vary depending on a player’s experience. However, using the Logia AFK grinding method is one of the easiest ways to obtain the full body Haki.

Are there enemies with the Aura in Blox Fruits?

Yes. These targets are challenging to beat. Some good examples are the Snow Lurkers, Military Soldier, and Marine Captains.

Can you see your Aura XP progress in Blox Fruits?

No. You can track it via the Aura Editor, as it can show you whether you can upgrade to the next stage.

Turn Up the Heat on Your Elemental Foes

Max Aura is handy in boosting a player’s defense and allows you to deal damage to enemies that use the Elemental Fruit. Learning how to upgrade the Haki to maximum capacity protects your entire body. Players should strive to obtain it early in the game to increase their survival rate.

Do you have more tips for other players who want to obtain the full body Haki? Let us know in the comments section below.

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