How to Get Tushita in Blox Fruits

The Tushita sword is a must-have item for your weapon arsenal in Blox Fruits. It is renowned for its fast attacks and the high level of damage it deals on your enemies. The weapon is ranked as one of the top-tier swords in Blox Fruits, but it’s not readily available to all. Before you can seek out the Tushita, you need to have gotten to level 2,000 in Blox Fruits.

How to Get Tushita in Blox Fruits

If you’ve been looking for ways to get this legendary sword with no luck, don’t fret. This guide will explain everything you need to know about Tushita and how to get it in Blox Fruits.

How to Get Tushita

There is a series of processes that you must follow to obtain the Tushita. Follow the steps below to get Tushita and obtain the revered “Celestial Swordsman” title.

Step 1 – Find the God’s Chalice

You can get this chalice in several ways, but they vary in terms of location, difficulty, and chance of success. You need God’s Chalice to help you summon Rip_Indra, a raid boss, in the latter stages of the game.

Here’s how you can find the God’s chalice:

Fighting the Elite Pirate

  1. Go to the Castle on the Sea.
  2. Find the Elite Hunter and interact with him.
  3. Start the “Kill the Elite Pirate” quest.
  4. The Elite Pirate will drop the God’s Chalice once you kill him.

The Elite Hunter is an NPC who will trigger the quest to kill an Elite Pirate. Be aware that the probability of the Elite Pirate dropping the God’s Chalice is 2%.

Pray at the Haunted Castle Gravestone

Alternatively, you can locate the Haunted Castle and pray at its gravestone.

  1. Go to the Third Sea.
  2. Find the Haunted Castle.
  3. Locate the gravestone near the Death King NPC.
  4. Pray at the gravestone to obtain the God’s chalice.

If you are lucky, many rewards may be offered to you, including the God’s Chalice. You have a 1% chance of getting the chalice this way.

Hunt for the God’s Chalice in Chests

The God’s Chalice also happens to spawn in chests. But, the process of hunting for it in chests can be tedious and time-consuming. You have the lowest chance of finding the chalice using this method.

Step 2 – Complete the Auro Color Quest

You will have to complete the Auro Color Quest next. To do this, you must find the three legendary colors needed to equip the God’s Chalice.

The legendary colors are Snow White, Winter Sky, and Pure Red. You can find the Color Specialist NPC at the Café near the Titles specialist in the second sea. You can also locate him in the Frozen Village or inside a cave in the First Sea just next to the Ability Teacher.

You will need to complete this quest to ensure that you equip the God’s Chalice with all three enchantment colors. That is the only way you can summon Indra.

Here’s how to complete this quest:

  1. Find the Color Specialist NPC to sell the legendary colors to you.
  2. Go to the Second Sea and find the buttons that will help you equip the colors.
  3. Repeat each color-equipping process on its own until you are done.

The God’s Chalice will be fully equipped, and the Aura Color Quest will be complete.

Here are the locations where you can find the buttons:

  • Snow White Button: Outside the Castle on the Sea, head right.
  • Red Button: Outside the Castle on the Sea, head right, then turn left after spotting the white button.
  • Winter Sky: On top of the Castle. You can use Air Jump or Angel Wings to get here.

Step 3 – Summoning Rip_Indra

Indra is the raid boss in Blox Fruits. Follow these steps to summon Rip_Indra:

  1. Go to the Third Sea.
  2. Enter the Castle on the Sea.
  3. Place the God’s Chalice on the pedestal to the right of the door.
  4. Rip_Indra will spawn soon after you place the chalice.
  5. Leave him and head to Hydra Island.

Don’t fight Indra once you spawn him. He must be alive when you get to Hydra Island.

Step 4 – Go to Hydra Island

This island is located in the Third Sea. You must head to the Secret Temple, the place that holds Tushita. But it won’t be easy to retrieve the sword. First, you’ll have to find the secret door. Follow these steps to make it to the secret door successfully:

  1. Go down the waterfall on Hydra Island.
  2. Underneath it, you will find a hidden door.
  3. Use Fruit Bombs and Spike Fruits to break down the door.
  4. Enter the Enma room and fight the ghosts inside.
  5. Use the Air Jump ability to reach the secret door after you have defeated the ghosts.
  6. Pass through the portal to get teleported to the Floating Turtle.

If Indra is alive, the portal will glow green, and you can access it. But, if Indra is dead, the door will appear grey, and you won’t be able to go through.

Once you enter the secret door, a message will appear directing you to light five torches within five minutes. The Tushita Torch Puzzle starts here.

The Tushita Torch Puzzle Solution

Locate the holy torch inside your inventory to light all five torches. Be sure to stick to the numerical order. Don’t worry; the torches are labeled. You will find the torches in the following locations:

  • Torch One. Inside the arches of the bridge near the walls of Fishman Captains. You must use Air Jump to reach the bridge and slide through the gap.
  • Torch Two. Behind the tree near the Beautiful Pirate Domain entrance. It is on the right side of the wall next to the broken bridge.
  • Torch Three. Inside the pineapple house. It will be hanging on the wall.
  • Torch Four. Inside the wrecked ship located near the Mythical Pirates.
  • Torch Five. In a house located next to the Forest Pirates.

Step 5 – Fight Longma

Longma is one of Blox Fruits’ strongest bosses at level 2,000. You can find him behind the door next to the Previous Hero NPC. Be aware that many players are competing for the Tushita at the same time.

There is a 100% chance of Longma dropping the Tushita Sword once you defeat him. You also get the “Celestial Swordsman” title once you equip the Tushita.

The Tushita Abilities

Getting the Tushita in Blox Fruits unlocks two new abilities for you. These are the Heavenly Lunges and Celestial Ravager. Here’s how the two abilities work:

Heavenly Lunges

“Heavenly Lunges” is activated by pressing the “Z” key. It has a Mastery Level of 150. When activated, the ability helps you repeatedly stab in front of the enemy creating large red circles that stun the enemy. The maximum time for dealing a “Heavenly Lunge” is 1.5 seconds.

Celestial Ravager

The “Celestial Ravager” deals high physical damage to your enemy by shooting quick red slashes at them. You must attain a Mastery Level of 300 to unlock this ability. You can activate it by pressing the “X” Key.

Stay Battle Ready

The Tushita Sword takes a lot of time and effort to acquire. But, it is ultimately worth it. Prioritizing getting the Tushita gives you a crucial advantage in the end-game title contest. If you’ve been looking for a way to prove your mettle in Blox Fruits, getting the Tushita is your best bet.

What are your thoughts on getting the Tushita sword? Which of the Tushita’s abilities are you interested in trying out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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