How to Get The Pole V2 in Blox Fruits

The Pole V2 is one of the most desirable and powerful weapons in “Blox Fruits.” It takes the form of a grand golden trident, and it’s got lots of advantages. The weapon can stun enemies, break Instinct, and it even works against Rubber users, which isn’t the case for the Pole V1.

How to Get The Pole V2 in Blox Fruits

However, obtaining this weapon will take some time and effort. This guide will outline the steps needed to get your hands on this weapon and answer some common questions about Pole V2.

How to Obtain the Pole V2

The Thunder God NPC sells Pole V2. However, you can’t simply walk right up to him and buy it whenever you like. Instead, you need to complete a series of steps beforehand, starting with getting the Pole V1. Here’s a full breakdown of everything you need to do, step-by-step.

Step 1: Beating Thunder God to Get the Pole V1

Before you start thinking about the Pole V2, you need to get your hands on the original Pole V1. You can get that by beating the Thunder God Boss in the First Sea. He’s a level 575 boss who spawns every 15 minutes, and he’s located in a large open area beside a temple in the Upper Skylands.

The Thunder God has some powerful attacks and can do lots of damage, especially if you get up close. In general, it’s best to keep your distance and do your best to dodge his attacks, using ranged damage to fight back.

Unfortunately, you might have to beat him multiple times to get the Pole V1. He only has a 5% chance of dropping it after each battle. You might get lucky and find it on the first try or have to battle Thunder God 20+ times to acquire the weapon you want.

Step 2: Obtain at Least 150 Mastery With the Pole V1

With the Pole V1 in your arsenal, you’ll need to start mastering it. To be precise, you need to get at least 180 Mastery with this weapon and unlock both the Explosive Cloud and Lightning Rain moves in the process.

To get Mastery, you just need to finish off standard enemies or bosses with the Pole V1. Bosses will give you lots of Mastery XP, so you may want to pick a boss and simply defeat it several times until you’ve got enough. Or, you can find some enemy mobs and kill them over and over.

You might even like to stick around in the Upper Skylands and beat the Thunder God many more times. He’ll give you quite a lot of Mastery every time you defeat him, and you’ll probably have a good understanding of how his moves work from Step 1.

Step 3: Acquire the Rumble Fruit

At this point, you don’t need to worry about the Pole V1 anymore. However, you will need to get another item – the Rumble Blox Fruit – and master it before you can move on to acquire the Pole V2.

Just like the other Blox Fruits, there are a few different ways to obtain the Rumble Fruit. You might be lucky and have a generous friend who can gift it to you or come across a dropped Rumble on the ground after a player dies.

If not, you can go ahead and buy the Rumble for $2,100,000 in-game money or 2,100 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer. You can also trade for it with other players over at the Mansion or the Café.

Step 4: Get 250 Mastery With the Rumble Fruit

You’ll then need to put your new Rumble Fruit to good use and start some raids to master it. In total, you’ll need to complete five raids and get 250 Mastery on the Rumble. You’ll also have to spend 14,500 Fragments to unlock all of the Rumble’s moves.

Each subsequent raid will be trickier than the last, and you have to beat all enemies on each island to complete each raid and move on to the next one. It might take some time, but if you team up with the right players, raids become a lot easier.

Step 5: Complete a Rumble Raid With the Fully-Powered Rumble Fruit

With five raids done and the Rumble powered up, you just have to do one last raid before you can move on to get the Pole V2. The sixth raid can still be challenging, but it can also be more fun than the others, as you’ll have access to all of the Rumble’s awakened attacks.

Step 6: Purchase the Pole V2 From the Thunder God NPC

After you finish your sixth raid with the Rumble Fruit, you’ll automatically be teleported to a sky island where the Thunder God NPC is waiting for you. He’ll sell you the Pole V2 for 5,000 Fragments, so make sure you have enough money before you arrive.

Upgrading the Pole V2

If you’re interested in upgrading your Pole V2 to make it even more powerful, you’ll need to collect some resources and visit the Blacksmith. Specifically, you’ll need 15 Fish Tails, 10 Mystic Droplets, and 12 Scrap Metal to get the upgrade. With the items in your inventory, visit the Blacksmith and request the upgrade. It’ll improve the damage output of your Pole by 8%.


Is the Pole V2 worth it?

Since it takes a while to get and requires multiple steps, you might wonder if the Pole V2 is really worth the effort. It’s a mighty weapon and is much better than the standard Pole V1. This newer version has lots of advantages, like the ability to break Instinct and deal damage to Rubber users, who are immune to many other weapons in the game.

Are there any downsides to the Pole V2?

The big downside with the Pole V2 is just how hard it is to obtain. Even acquiring the Pole V1 can take a lot of time, as you may have to beat the Thunder God boss repeatedly to acquire it. The Pole V2 also costs a lot, as you have to spend thousands of fragments boosting the Rumble Fruit.

What moves does the Pole V2 have?

The Pole V2’s “Z” attack is called the “Hand of God.” It requires 150 Mastery to unlock and shoots a trio of lightning bolts in whatever direction the cursor is facing, both damaging and stunning enemies. The “X” attack for the Pole V2 is the “Electric Prison.” It needs 350 Mastery in total and creates a little ball of lightning energy that stuns and sucks enemies toward it.

Improve Your Arsenal With the Pole V2

The Pole V2 can be a pain to obtain. It takes a big investment of time, effort, and in-game cash, too. However, with its super strong attacks and impressive appearance, many players say it’s worth the hard work. It can be a useful and versatile weapon to have in your inventory, perfect for battling various bosses and other players later on in your “Blox Fruits” adventure.

Have you already unlocked the Pole V2? Do you think it’s worth going to all that effort to unlock it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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