Blox Fruits Trade Tier List

Inspired by the “One Piece” anime, this exciting Roblox game was introduced to the gaming world in 2019. Pushing the notion that Devil Fruits can grant you extraordinary powers, the game takes players through a whirlwind of adventures where you take down evil bosses and fight enemies. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. To keep scaling the “Blox Fruits” world, you’ll have to grind hard, and Blox Fruits are one of the weapons you can use to get ahead.

Blox Fruits Trade Tier List

The trade tier list in this article will highlight the best fruits to trade so you can gain more experience (XP) points and strengthen your character, ready for the journey ahead.

Blox Fruits Trade Ranking

You can find Blox Fruits in random locations within the in-game map. You can also obtain them through trading with a Blox Fruits Dealer. Be aware that the Blox Fruits Dealers restock every four hours. Top-rated Blox Fruits make players more powerful and earn you more XP than the low-ranking fruits in the tier list. Stick to the list below to profitably trade Blox Fruits in the game:

  • S – Tier: Dark, Soul, Light, Venom, Rumble, Dough, Quake, Dragon, and Shadow.
  • A – Tier: Buddha, Phoenix, Magma, Flame, Diamond, String, and Falcon.
  • B – Tier: Control, Gravity, Revive, Barrier, Rubber, and Door.
  • C – Tier: Love, Kilo, Smoke, Sand, Chop, Spring, Spin, Ice, and Paw.
  • D – Tier: Bomb and Spike.

Understanding the Blox Fruits Trade Tier List

Blox Fruits are important because they help enhance your gaming experience and improve your competitive advantage. Selecting the best Blox Fruits during trading will also provide you with the best chance of success. Below is an explanation of the trade tier list ranking in Blox Fruits:


These are the most superior fruits in “Blox Fruits.” You can confidently face even the nastiest bosses in “Blox Fruits” when you have Devil Fruits. You will need to spend between 750 to 3000 Robux to acquire this type of Blox Fruits. In terms of in-game money, this will range between $350,000 to $5,000,000 to trade. Leopard is the most powerful fruit in this category hence the most expensive, while Ice is the least powerful and most affordable fruit in the tier.


Though they aren’t as powerful as the S-tier fruits, A-tier fruits still have the potential to provide great defense and offense capabilities during battle and are quite powerful. These Blox Fruits can be purchased for between 550 to 2,500 Robux, while you’ll have to part with between $250,000 to $3,200,000 in-game money to obtain A-tier Blox Fruits. Control is the most expensive fruit in this category, while Flame is the least costly.


The performance of Devil Fruits within the B-tier list is average. While they can provide a little power boost, they don’t do much when you have to face off with higher-ranking bosses in the “Blox Fruits” world. These fruits will cost you between 250 to 2,425 Robux to obtain. But if you’re using in-game money to trade, you will spend between $100,000 and $2,900,000, with Shadow being the most expensive in this category and Smoke the cheapest.


This tier can be deemed useless in many instances. It’s best to avoid it unless you’ve got no other weapon option left in your inventory because, most times, they only serve to aggravate matters further. C-tier fruits are the cheapest Blox Fruits you can find, with the most affordable being the Kilo Fruit going for 50 Robux or $5,000 in-game money. The most expensive fruit in this tier is the Falcon Fruit which sells for 650 Robux or $30,000 in-game money.

All the fruits found in these tiers can be divided into three main categories. These include:


These types of fruits help to boost your speed and strength. Most Blox Fruits fall under this category. These include:



The second type of Blox Fruits is Elemental. Elemental, aka Logia, arms you with passive abilities that are quite rare and unique. It reduces the amount of damage an opponent deals, ensuring you aren’t heavily injured. The fruits come in very handy during a battle with strong opponents. The Blox Fruits in this category include:



Also known as Zoan by avid “Fortnite” gamers, this Blox Fruits holds the most powerful and high-quality fruits. They are the most expensive fruits in this trade tier list, but they provide the most powerful stat boost in the game. Keep in mind that they are scarce to come across, so don’t leave them behind when you find a Blox Fruits Dealer with them or when you find them in random locations. These Blox Fruits include:


How to Get Devil Fruits

You can obtain Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits in four different ways.

  • Looting chests
  • Raids
  • Random findings
  • Purchase from Blox Fruits Dealer shop or Logue Town

But, these methods provide you with different probabilities of collecting Devil Fruits. Though costly, purchasing Devil Fruits is the easiest option. The likelihood of coming across a Devil Fruit in a chest is 0.1%. This means it can take you a long time to find as the probability is so low.

You can find Devil Fruits in different game locations every 30 minutes. But they disappear after 10 minutes if no one finds them. Completing raid challenges in “Blox Fruits” might earn you some Devil Fruits for successful completion.


What new Devil Fruit changes are expected with the latest version 17, part 3 update?

While it’s true that Blox Fruits does increase Devil Fruits with time, the updates don’t come often. The only change in this latest update is the modification of the S—tier Devil Fruit (Dough) which is expected to have an awakened version.

How do you awaken the Dough Devil Fruit?

You’ll need to interact with the non-playable character (NPC) at New Chocolate Island and complete the quest he gives you to obtain the help of the Cake Scientist in awakening the Dough Devil Fruit.

Trade Your Way to Blox Fruits Glory

If you’re a Roblox enthusiast, you’ll probably love “Blox Fruits.” The presence of Blox Fruits serves to make the game’s experience even better. This Blox Fruits trade tier list will help you make smarter choices when you are on the hunt for powerful Devil Fruits that’ll increase your strength before going into battle.

While the list may vary depending on the player’s experiences, this list serves to provide reliable information free of bias and true to test. But you’re the final decision-maker when it comes to the trading selection. This list only serves to make the process easier for you.

So, do you prefer using Robux or in-game money for Blox Fruits trading, and do you think it’s cost effective? Can you advise other players on the purchase of Devil Fruits? Let us know in the comments section below.

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