How to use Share Play on a PS4

The PS4 comes with a great choice of games and some of the best graphics we’ve seen in this gen, but it also includes a range of nifty features – and Share Play is easily one of the best. Simply put, Share Play allows someone to play a game they don’t own via the internet – as long as someone else on their friends list does own the game. That means with Share Play, if you’re on FIFA online and want some multiplayer with your mate, they don’t need to necessarily own the game too.

How to use Share Play on a PS4

But there’s more. If you’re having trouble with a particular section of a game, or just want a mate to experience the best bit of a campaign mode, you can hand over control to them via the internet. With Share Play they don’t have to own the game either – and they don’t even need PSN Plus. Finally, Share Play also allows you to share your gameplay with a friend, so you don’t necessarily have to do anything more than share a screen.

If you think about it, that’s an incredible feature to have on a games console, and one that’s largely been overlooked since the PS4’s release. So, if you want to tag your friend in on some Dark Souls 3, Division or Star Wars: Battlefront, without needing to shell on the price of an extra game, this is the feature you need to use. Interested? Here’s how to use Share Play on a PS4.

How to set up Share Play on a PS4


1. It might sound pretty obvious, but before you get started, you’ll need to make sure both you and your friend have a PS4, and you – at least, have a PSN Plus subscription. You won’t both need PSN Plus to share your screen, or give control to a friend without the game – but you will both need a subscription if you want to play against each other online.

2. Share Play might make things cheaper, but if you’ve got a PS3 and you want to play you your friends PS4 games – you really do need a PS4. Sorry.

3. Once you have those, you’ll also need to make sure both your PS4’s are running System Software 2.0 or higher, but they really should be. If you’re not running the latest version 2.5 of the PS4’s software, you’re missing out on the ability to stream PS4 games to your Mac or PC – which we show you how to do here.

4. One more thing. Share Play works via the internet, and that means you’ll need a good internet connection for it to work well. Sony recommends a minimum upload speed of 2Mb/s, so as long as both you and your friend have anything over 10Mb/s, things should work smoothly.

4. And one last thing. You’re only allowed to use Share Play in 60 minute chunks, but you are able to have as many sessions as you want. 

How to set up Share Play on a PS4: Sharing Screens


1. Once you’ve ticked out the requirements, the first thing to do is invite your friend to a party via your home screen.

2. After that, load the game you want to play, and tap the Share button on the right hand ride of your DualShock 4. After that, you’ll need to hit Share again and then select Share Play, and select which friend you want to invite.

3. Once they’ve accepted your invitation, they’ll be able to see your screen and comment on your gaming skills – or lack of them. This is the most basic type of Share Play, and the best thing part? Neither you nor your friend need a PSN Plus account to do it.

How to set up Share Play on a PS4: Handing over control


1. If you’d like to then hand over control to the game from your PS4, that’s also pretty simple too. Once you’ve got the sharing screen mode working like above, simply tap the Share button, then ‘Go to Party for Share Play’, and select ‘Give Controller to visitor.” You should see a PSN Plus icon next to this option, and that’s because you’ll need PSN Plus to get it to work. The good news? Your friend doesn’t.

2. Once that’s done you should be able to see your friend’s exploits on your own screen. When you’ve seen enough, or when your friend has navigated through the part of the level you wanted help with, taking back control is as simple as tapping the Share button, and then selecting “Take Back Controller”

How to set up Share Play on a PS4: Playing a game together


1. If you want to play against your friend in a multiplayer match, load up the game and then hit Share once again, and go to Stat Share Play.

2. After that you’ll need to “Give controller to visitor’, and then make sure you choose Play a Game Together, on the next menu.how_to_share_play_on_ps4_5

3. You’ll now be able to play a local multiplayer game as if you friend is next to you – and they don’t even need the game you’re playing! The only catch? You will both need to have a PSN Plus subscription. 

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