Best racing games on PS4 2018: 6 driving sims and arcade racers you should try

Fans of racing games are pretty spoilt in 2018. Each new year brings more great games, and each one brings with it realistic experiences and a wider selection of cars and tracks. The line-up is impressive – particularly on PS4.

Games like GT Sport, Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa bring with them unbelievable levels of detail and realism – the water and lighting effects, car details, and incredible physics engines, will make you forget you’re sat on your sofa. Of course, there are still games for more casual racing fans too. If you like speeding through traffic in a vinyl-emblazoned Lamborghini or slowly improving your setup over the course of many games, there’s a racing game for you.

But how do you choose which to buy? Many racing games can, on the surface, seem rather similar, and everybody wants something slightly different from a game. But Alphr has here for you a list of some of the best racing games from the last few years that you can play on PS4

The best racing games on the PS4 in 2018

1. GT Sport


Gran Turismo is probably the most popular racing game ever, and after a four-year wait, it found its way to the PS4 last year. Featuring 162 cars and 27 track layouts in total, it offers roughly the same amount of content as games like Project Cars 2, or Assetto Corsa – on paper that is.

In practice, GT Sport gives you one of the most immersive racing experiences ever created, with pristine graphics, exclusive concept cars and a very well supported eSports mode, too. We need to mention it’s also available on PlayStation VR too, for an even more immersive experience! If you like racing games, you’ll want to buy this – it’s just a shame there are no classic cars! Read my review of GT Sport here.

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2. Project Cars 2


Project Cars 2 might not have the support or resources of some other racers, but it’s the best game around for car enthusiasts. Although it features a similar amount of racers to GT Sport, Project Cars 2 covers much bigger distances. There are classics from the 90s, 80s and 70s here, from iconic road cars to some of the most famous racing cars ever to grace a track.

It’s not perfect, and you can read my review to find out why, but for a car or racing enthusiast who really knows their stuff, Project Cars 2’s varied garage and granular detail is hard to beat. 

3. DiRT 4


DiRT Rally is one of the best racing games I’ve played recently, though it’s somehow eclipsed by DiRT 4. The graphics are gorgeous, with day and night stages looking almost photorealistic at points, and there’s so much content on offer this time around, too. If you want to play online, bash into cones, or just mess around in RallyCross races, you’ll find a mode in Dirt 4 that lets you do it – and the handling is also amazing.

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In simulation mode, keeping your car on the track is tricky, challenging, and extremely rewarding when you get it right – but an arcade mode keeps things exciting and enjoyable for more arcade-focused gamers, too.

If you don’t like rallying yet, you certainly will after buying DiRT 4.

4. Assetto Corsa


If you’re a fan of racing sims, Assetto Corsa is a must-have. Following months of delays on PS4 and Xbox One, the PC racer’s favourite finally made its way to the console in 2016 – and it’s the most realistic racing game I’ve ever played. There’s a great range of cars and tracks to drive – including my local circuit, Brands Hatch – and  DLC is being released all the time. Multiplayer on Assetto Corsa is by no means perfect, and the graphics don’t look as pretty as some games now, but overall it remains the best racing sim you can buy in 2018. Read our full review of Assetto Corsa here

5. DiRT Rally


DiRT 4 might have eclipsed it, but DiRT Rally is still a great game. With a steering wheel and shifter, this game offers one of the most immersive driving experiences out there, and it even has an optional PSVR DLC for Virtual driving.

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It might not have the full licensing of the official WRC game, but with such good handling and attention to detail, who cares?

6. F1 2018


Every year, Codemasters releases a new version of its official Formula 1 game, and each one improves on the rest. While on the surface it might appear very similar to last year’s game, F1 2018 features vastly improved handling, along with all the cars and tracks from this year’s championship.

F1 2017 introduced an interesting progression system to cars, but it’s been improved substantially. There are far more improvement programs and practices available to help you improve, and an even wider range of classic F1 cars to drive.

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Racing games are becoming more realistic all the time, and a steering wheel really is the best way to experience such titles. There are quite a few to choose from, but the Thrustmaster T300RS combines good value with great performance; it’s the one I use. Read my review of the Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition here.

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