Microsoft Tossup: The planning app for unorganised groups of friends

Find it impossible to make plans with your friends? Well, Microsoft’s new Tossup app could be just what you’re looking for. Featuring a poll function, a chat area and research tools, Tossup crams in everything you need to speed up the tedious process of arranging activities en masse.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s app is compatible with iOS and Android, but not Windows Phone. Currently, it’s only available in the US.

How does it work?

Friends can be invited using SMS, email or Facebook. Once you’ve signed up, making plans is easy. One user can suggest where to go out or where to eat and the app will automatically find reviews and venue details. Friends can specify the time that suits them, or suggest another venue entirely.

Once you sort out a plan, Tossup makes it easy to add an agreed time and venue to your calendar. What if somebody wants to bring a friend? Tossup has that covered, too: the chat function allows users to add additional information.

Why is Microsoft doing this?

The app comes from Microsoft Garage, a branch of the company that allows employees to work on experimental apps in their downtime. Others apps include the note-taking app InstaNote and Receipt Tracker, an app for tracking your expenses.

Despite its name, Tossup looks like the latest great app to emerge from the Garage. If you have friends like mine, deciding where to go and when is one of the most stressful, boring processes you’ll encounter.

Juggling calendars, Facebook Chat and iMessage makes the whole task even more stressful, so Tossup’s ability to put everything in one place looks promising. If and when it comes to the UK, I’ll be trying it out immediately.

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