Windows 10 UK release: everything you need to know

Windows 10 UK release: everything you need to know

Windows 10 key features

Unsurprisingly, Windows 10 is packed with new features.You can find out more about why Windows 10 is better than Windows 8.1 a little later on, and read our review to find out how useful all these new features are. Here’s a quick rundown of what Windows 10 has in store:


  • Cortana is integrated into Windows 10
  • Microsoft has ditched Internet Explorer for a faster, lighter and sleeker browser called Microsoft Edge
  • The Start menu has been redesigned, offering a compromise between Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Windows 10 offers full integration with OneDrive, allowing automatic backups from all devices and enabling Cortana to search the drive of any device
  • Universal design ethos will ensure consistent experience across all devices
  • New Alt-Tab menu designed for multitasking
  • Support for multiple desktops
  • Developers can build an app for Windows 10 and “Universal app support” will make it work on all Windows 10 devices
  • Developers can bring iOS and Android apps to Windows 10 more easily
  • Redesigned recovery system to help save hard drive space
  • Improved graphics rendering with DirectX 12
  • You can record any piece of software through Game DVR
  • Windows 10 will fully integrate Xbox Live and Xbox One through the Xbox app, allowing you to upload videos and screenshots as well as stream games to your Windows 10 device and play online with Xbox One players

Windows 10 tutorials

Microsoft Windows 10 How to change Wallpaper - Settings Menu

The beauty of Windows 10 is that, for the most part, Microsoft has left everything where you remember it from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. However, if you need your memory jogged, or this is your first Windows experience, here’s a set of handy tutorials:

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