Here’s how to find out your Netflix streaming speed

There’s nothing worse than turning on Netflix to find it continually buffering, failing to load or running in standard definition blur-o-vision – honestly, how did we live before the era of HD?

Thankfully, most of these problems can be solved by a quick test of your internet speed. While you may have superfast broadband from BT or Virgin, you may not actually be able to use Netflix at a reliable speed due to your internet service provider (ISP) throttling your connection to Netflix’s servers.

This may sound unfeasible, but in the US this is definitely the case with some ISPs. While unproven in the UK, there’s a chance the same thing could be happening to those who have a TV and catch-up subscription as part of their internet package. If you’re having a sub-par Netflix experience, that could be the reason.

Using a speed tester such as Ookla’s is a great barometer for knowing how fast your general internet connection is, but it’s terrible at finding out how fast your Netflix service is. This is where Netflix’s own super-lightweight speed test comes into play.


How to find your Netflix streaming speed on PC, Mac and Chromebook

To find out just how fast your Netflix streaming speed is on a desktop or laptop computer, head on over to

Not only is this super-minimal website an excellent Netflix-owned tool for testing your internet connection, it actually gives you a direct readout of how fast you can stream content from Netflix. Unlike, connects directly to Netflix’s servers, giving you the most accurate readout for how reliable your connection is.

How to find your Netflix streaming speed on iPhone, iPad and Android

If you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Android device, it’s just as simple to find out how reliable a Netflix connection you have.

While works on mobile too, Netflix has also created an app for iOS and Android – called FAST Speed Test – which lets you quickly gauge how fast your mobile connection is to Netflix’s servers. The app is incredibly simple to use: just launch it from your device and within seconds you’ll have a live readout. It’s also a great way to check whether your data plan is fast enough for your streaming needs.

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