How To Update Apps on a Vizio TV

One cool feature of Vizio’s line of smart TVs is the built-in Chromecast device. Chromecast, of course, is the streaming media adapter from Google that lets you play video and music through streaming services directly onto your TV. The various channels, including music and games, are organized into “apps” on Vizio TVs. Since these apps are software-based and run on the integrated Chromecast processor, keeping the apps updated is essential. This article will show you how to keep the apps updated on your Vizio smart TV.

How To Update Apps on a Vizio TV

There have been multiple generations of Vizio smart TVs, and the procedures for updating the apps are different for each one. However, there are two categories of Vizio TVs: the older VIA and VIA Plus models and the newer models (including the P-Series and M-Series) with SmartCast. I will walk you through updating the apps for both categories of TV.

Update Apps on a Vizio VIA or VIA Plus TV

The original system for adding apps to Vizio Smart TVs was VIA, which stood for Vizio Internet Apps. If you want to update apps on these models, you have to do it manually. This process requires removing the VIA app and reinstalling it or performing a firmware update (which does the same thing).

To update your apps only, you need to remove then reinstall each app:

  1. Press the V or VIA button on your remote.
  2. Select the app you want to update and select the yellow button on your remote.
  3. If you see Update, hit that. If you don’t, choose Delete App and then OK.
  4. Confirm your choice by highlighting Yes and pressing OK.
  5. Navigate to the App Store using your remote.
  6. Find the app you want to update or reinstall and press OK.
  7. Select Install and allow the process to complete.

Vizio uses the Yahoo platform to host these apps, so you will see the ‘Yahoo Connected Store’ when selecting them.

You will need a USB drive and about fifteen minutes to manually upgrade the firmware.

  1. Turn on your TV, navigate to Settings, then System to check the firmware version number under Version.
  2. Download the latest firmware for your TV model from the Vizio support website. Select Support and enter your TV model number to get the correct firmware. Compare it to the version listed on your TV and proceed if the installed version is older.
  3. Rename the file you downloaded to fwsu.img. This allows your TV to recognize it as a firmware image file.
  4. Copy the file to your USB drive.
  5. Power off your TV and insert the USB drive into your TV.
  6. Power on your TV. You should see a blue light on the TV telling you it has picked up the USB and the firmware image file.
  7. Once the blue light goes out, power off the TV and remove the USB drive.
  8. Power on the TV, and navigate to Settings and System to check the firmware version number under Version to ensure you’re running the latest firmware.

Update Apps on a Newer Vizio TV

Subsequent generations of Vizio TVs use SmartCast TV, which is a version of Chromecast. With Chromecast, you can use an app on your phone to cast content directly to your TV. These newer models do not require you to update your apps manually; they update themselves automatically when you aren’t using your TV. These models also update their firmware periodically, but you can do this manually if you want to. Vizio TVs equipped with SmartCast make much shorter work of updates. As long as your TV gets connected to WiFi, it should take just a few seconds to update your TV manually.

  1. Power on your TV.
  2. With the remote, select Menu and then Settings.
  3. Select System and Check for Updates.
  4. Confirm any updates if found.

You should see an on-screen progress indicator showing how far along the update process is. Allow the TV to update itself without interference, and your TV will reboot and load the latest firmware. You can now open SmartCast TV and see any new apps or features released with the update.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we didn’t answer all of your questions above, keep reading for more information about how to update apps on a Vizio Smart TV.

How Do I Set Up Amazon Prime On My Vizio TV?

It’s easy to set up Amazon Prime on Vizio because the extension is directly on the television. To log onto your Amazon Prime app, follow the steps below.

1.) Find the Amazon Prime Video app on your Vizio Smart TV home screen. It should be installed already.

2.) Click on the Amazon Prime Video app and log in using your username and password.

3.) Enjoy your Amazon Prime Video!

If you need to start over with your TV, check out how to hard reset your Vizio TV. If you need a firmware update, read how to update the firmware on your Vizio TV.

How Do I Update My Hulu App on Vizio TV?

Many of you may have noticed that Hulu won’t work on your television anymore, and Vizio addressed the Hulu not working problem on their website.

Vizio stated, “Some older VIZIO VIA devices will no longer be able to stream Hulu Plus. This is due to an upgrade Hulu performed to the Hulu Plus app. This affects multiple devices across almost all electronic manufacturers. There is no problem with your VIZIO TV or with Hulu Plus.”

If your television is a part of any of the models they listed on their website, you will no longer be able to watch Hulu.

Is Disney+ available on my Vizio Smart TV?

It depends. Any Vizio model that supports SmartCast TV (2016 or newer) is compatible with Disney+. Unfortunately, older models will not support the app.

Why can’t I update my maps?

If you have a SmartCast TV you can’t update apps. If the TV came preloaded with applications, updated come through when the developers release them. Other SmartCast TVs come with no apps to update.

You can only updated apps on the VIA (Vizio Internet Apps) Vizio TVs. Assuming you do have a VIA TV, the first step of troubleshooting is ensuring that your TV is connected to the internet. Next, turn your TV off and on again. Lastly, you can uninstall the app that won’t update and reinstall it with the newest version.

14 thoughts on “How To Update Apps on a Vizio TV”

Kay Che says:
I would love to see Disney+ app. No where do I see the ability to do this. Yahoo has no flexibility to request new, unlisted apps or look for them online that I’ve found. Other app stores are much more flexible. Anyone find a resollution to this?
Kayla says:
I currently have the disney + app on my tv, however after working great since December, it has stopped working! I wish I could figure out what happened! I paid for the year and cannot even use the app!
Jamie says:
I entered a tile in the search that I knew was on a certain app I was trying to watch. When it brought up the options of which network/app I could view the title on, it brought up the one I was trying to watch as an option. I selected it and it began installing it so I could choose the title I entered on that particular app.
Pam G. says:
Agree with Mamie I would like it if they add Pluto and Google play on too so we can have more choices in apps stuff .
Marjorie says:
Really confused! Someone gave me old Yahoo app TV with Vizio, no manual, etc…. Need to know how to download more apps or …. Need to keep update. How? Probably not like ROKU? Is there any way? Really need HELP!!! 🙂
MyDarlin says:
I have an older Vizio TV running Yahootv, and I don’t think we can update apps. I’d suggest getting a chrome cast or firetb stick
Keith Erlandson says:
I have always subscribed to both Netflix and Amazon Prime and have not used them for about a week. Now suddenly these apps will no longer work. I have a 240 HZ, 3D, 55 inch TV. How can this suddenly not operate unless you turned it off which would be considered a criminal malicious activity. You made changes without my permission! Either fix this or I will be researching legal remedies.
Ayanna says:
Is there any other way to download or update apps that doesn’t use yahoo? I can’t delete or update my Hulu app.
Marin says:
I cant open NETFLIX app how can i fix it or how can I update it? Please help!
Shiva s says:
Has anyone loaded Ubuntu onto a UBS thumb drive and renamed it the firmware file name to see if it would try to install it thinking it is an update? Dumb question from a newbies, lol. My friend has a d55u-d1 abut I don’t want to brink it so wondering if someone has an old one to try on.
Kerry Conte says:
I am having the same issue with not being able to update Hulu and its very frustrating.
Margot Kaner says:
I do not have a yellow button on my remote, and there is no option to delete apps. I need to update Hulu, but have been unable to .
Rachel Smith says:
I have the same problem
Maelyn says:
Same here
Himali says:
I have d series vizio tv and on my remote i cant press v botton. I like to add apps what should I do.
Penny Truttmann says:
You do not need to press the V button. Get an amazing fire stick. It’s the best $100 this mom spent. Go to the channel app you want. Download it. You have to be paying for the channel through cable provider otherwise you pay for as free OTT product. If you have AMC as part of your cable package, for example, then you download the amc app, press sign in, then click your cable provider. Type in your username and password to the cable provider that you used to sign up. All the shows will populate. Again, press the With Ads button for the channel and click on it. Your shows will now come up
pamela G says:
Can you add android apps to a vizio tv from computers or phone?
Agudeza says:
Nice write up and good information. Was there a time Vizio allowed us to download firmware? Because currently they do not have an option for it. The site says it is an automated process but I know my firmware has never been updated ever. I have no idea why. It’s networked and I have a yahoo ID and I am signed in to my store account. This entire platform is a real joke with how the yahoo store apps were just abandoned. Totally unfair. I should be able to see the option to disable Vizio’s ability to read my data but my firmware was never updated to offer the option. So I have to believe they disabled it? No chance. Other people with the same exact TV have this option so I really want the latest firmware.
My TV was listed in the class action lawsuit for 17 million dollars where Vizio was caught taking user information without ever providing an opt-in request. They just did it. For some reason I never received the notification and I cannot register for my piece of the pie. Screwed up, really. Aside from the app platform and firmware issues, this is a fantastic TV. It’s 3D with 480hz motion rate processing. I know it’s not native but it sure makes a difference and with Game mode it’s even more of a difference. Today you have to spend over $2000 to get a TV with superior quality and features but you won’t find those higher end features in a TV less than 55″. Some people still prefer a 32″-43″ TV but if we want to step up to 4K, for TVs less than 50″, you don’t get as good of a TV as what I currently have. A 40″ Samsung and 47″ Vizio and screen quality as well as motion rates actually look better than anything you would buy today, unless you’re spending upwards of 2 grand. But again, size limitations for high quality flat TVs require you to get something over 50″ to see the type of quality I would want. My 1080P TV picture quality and feature set is better than any 4K TV on the market sold today, under 50″. Way to go TV makers. Force us out of our higher quality smaller TVs for reasonably priced crap.
Bring back high quality to smaller Flat TVs. I should be able to get the same features found on a 55″-65″ 4K top of the line TV in 43″. Heck, I don’t even see this in a 50″. That should be the sweet spot for ultra high end, not 55″. Totally ridiculous
Shannon M Crosby says:
How do I purchase apps on my vizio tv I want to hadd more apps
Mamie says:
I have an older tv and the yahoo app store is a joke. I can’t get the hulu version that I need or many other apps. the instruction about usb thumb drives and etc are above my head, I am not that versed on these things, why don’t you add more apps to yahoo app. store. I am pissed.
Brian says:
I was hoping a firmware upgrade would open up the yahoo tv platform to allow better options for available apps, but my firmware is up to date. Bottom line: the yahoo tv platform sucks and there is no way to get rid of it or update it on your tv. The only real solution is a Roku or an Amazon Fire Stick. For all practical purposes, the older Vizios with the yahoo tv platform are not smart TV’s. Roku or Firestick will make them as close to a modern smart TV as you can get without buying a new TV.

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