How Many Times a Day to Post to BeReal a Day

The hype around BeReal has been going on for more than a year. It’s an app that encourages people to be their natural selves and spend less time on social media. Most people know it by its unique feature that prompts people to capture a front and back camera photo of them once a day at a random time and share it with others. However, since BeReal’s launch, there have been some changes.

How Many Times a Day to Post to BeReal a Day

This article talks about the BeReal app, how many times a day you can post your BeReal photos, and how the app’s rules have changed over time.

How Many Times a Day Can You Post a BeReal

As mentioned, BeReal started as an app that sends notifications once a day and asks for a photo of their back and front camera view. The pictures are snapped at the same time, and you can preview the upload before you press “Post.”

You need to upload your very first BeReal post right after setting up your account. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Insert your name, username, birthday, and phone number, add friends, and allow BeReal to send you notifications, as the whole purpose of the app is to send photos on time.
  2. Allow BeReal to send notification . The app will send you a notification right away and ask you to tap on it.
  3. Allow BeReal to take pictures and record videos with your cameras.
  4. Snap a photo and hold the same position for a few seconds while the app processes the action.
    Note: You can take as many tries as you want, but it has to be within the two-minute window frame. The clock is ticking while you’re taking the photos, letting you know how much time has passed. Keep in mind that your friends can see how many retakes you shot when posting.
  5. Choose whether you want to post only for your friends to see or send your photos into the world.
  6. Press “Send.”
  7. Create a witty caption and confirm.

That’s how BeReal has been functioning for a long time. If you don’t snap and post a photo during the two minutes after the notification goes off, you can still post your BeReal at any point of the day. But keep in mind that BeReal publicly displays how much you’re late.

You won’t be able to see other people’s posts until you make a post, creating an incentive for people to post daily so they can interact.

BeReal Bonus

If you successfully create a post each day, BeReal rewards you with its new feature called Bonus BeReal. The Bonus BeReal feature that has been up since April 2023 allows you to post one or two additional photos on the same day.

After uploading your first post, the Bonus BeReal feature appears next to your first post. You just need to press the “+” button and upload the photos as you usually would. If you post your first BeReal late, Bonus BeReal has a lock, and you can’t access it until you get back on track with timing.

Note that the Bonus BeReal feature is still a fairly new feature, available only to select regions. A good indication of whether it’s available in your country is the promotion banner that appears in the app the moment you install it. If you still can’t see the feature even after posting your BeReal on time, try using a VPN to change your location.

How Many Times Can You Post a BeReal After Deleting a BeReal

Although BeReal is all about being natural and spontaneously taking a photo of your daily life, the app does allow you to delete your post and upload a new image. Still, you only have one shot. On the other hand, for late posts, you can delete and upload as many times as you want. The new time will be displayed next to your post.

Here’s how to delete a BeReal post and upload a new one:

  1. Launch BeReal on your phone.
  2. Tap your uploaded BeReal photo.
  3. Press the three vertical dots in the right corner.
  4. Select “Delete my BeReal.”
  5. Choose the reason why you’re deleting the BeReal.
  6. Tap “Yes, I’m sure.”
  7. Confirm the deletion by pressing “Delete.”
  8. The app will prompt you to take the second BeReal, so just repeat the steps from the previous tutorial.

If you accidentally or purposefully delete the retake, you won’t be able to add another BeReal until the subsequent notification goes off.


Is BeReal the only app that allows a limited number of posts per day?

BeReal is probably the first popular app that has experimented with the one-photo-per-day rule. Nevertheless, social media apps are constantly competing with each other and looking for ways to include all the possible features offered by other apps, and this case is no exception. While Instagram is testing out its Candid Story feature, TikTok has already introduced its TikTok Now option that’s quite similar to BeReal.

Can you post things other than photos on BeReal?

Currently, BeReal only allows posting photos. However, if you want to spice your photos up a bit, you can add music to your posts. For now, you can only connect to Spotify and pick a song from there, but the app has announced implementing other streaming platforms.

Does deleting a BeReal delete my Bonus BeReal?

Deleting your first daily BeReal automatically deletes your Bonus BeReals. That being said, your Bonus BeReals shouldn’t be your do-over. For that, you have the option to retake the initial BeReal, but only once.

Do Bonus BeReals stay in your Memories?

Just like your regular BeReals, Bonus BeReals are also available in your Memories after their designated day passes. You can view them by going to your profile and tapping “View all my Memories” or choosing a specific day on which you added Bonus BeReals.

Be Your True Self With BeReal

BeReal started as an app that promotes self-confidence in an exciting and innovative way. But even though it’s a relatively new app, like many other social media platforms, BeReal has also gone through changes. On top of one post per day, you can now add two more photos if you want. Whether this ruins the entire concept of spending less time on social media or not is still in question.

Have you already tried taking your first BeReal? What are your thoughts on the Bonus BeReal feature? Tell us in the comments below.

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