How to install a power supply

Once you’ve opened up your new PC case, often the most sensible next step is to install the power supply. Pretty much everything else you install afterwards will connect to this to draw power.

1. Know your cables

There are many cables coming out of the average power supply, and you need to know what they do. Here’s a run-down of the main ones to look out for.


2. Fit supply on to shelf


If your power supply fits at the top of your case (some cases have space at the bottom), you’ll see a small shelf for it to rest on.

Slide the power supply on to this shelf and push it backwards until it makes contact with the back of the case.

3. Screw in supply


If your power supply is the correct way round, its screw holes will match up with those in the back of the case.

If they don’t, remove the supply and rotate it 180 degrees. Use four screws to attach the power supply securely to the case.

Don’t have a power supply yet? You can buy a reasonably-priced one from Amazon to suit your needs.

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