How to build a PC: An online guide to building your own computer from scratch

Few things can compare to the satisfaction you get from building your own PC from scratch, or upgrading your existing model. With computer prices cheaper than ever, it may seem a false economy, but look deeper and you’ll see the true benefits.

How to build a PC: An online guide to building your own computer from scratch

For starters, when you build or upgrade your computer, you choose the components you want to use. In other words, you make sure you end up with the PC that fits your needs. It also means you can pick premium components, making your finished computer more stable and more reliable.

The key advantage of building a PC yourself is that you can quickly take advantage of new technologies. In this feature, for example, we cover how to install and configure a solid-state drive (SSD). Add one of these to your new build – or as an upgrade to your existing PC – and you can boost its performance significantly, speeding up application loading times and the time it takes to start up. Buy a computer off the shelf and you’ll find that this kind of technology is often reserved only for the most expensive models.

What’s more, building and upgrading your computer helps you learn how your PC works. Should you run into a problem later on, you’ll be armed with the skill and knowledge to fix it yourself. Just think, every time a game comes out which is too much for your existing card, you’ll be able to upgrade to a new model in a matter of minutes. 

Ready to get stuck in? Then click on the individual links in the box above to learn everything you need to know about creating your own PC. Happy building!

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